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Prescription for Contentment

In the book “Calm My Anxious Heart”, Linda Dillow shares the prescription for contentment as discovered by a woman named Ella who worked as a missionary with the pygmies in Africa for 52 years.  She had left her country, her family, and all that was familiar to go to a very primitive part of the African bush.  Here is Ella’s prescription for contentment, giving her a soul sufficiency, a peace separate from her circumstance:


* Never allow yourself to complain about anything–not even the weather.

* Never picture yourself in any other circumstance or someplace else.

* Never allow yourself to wish this or that had been otherwise.

* Never dwell on tomorrow–remember that tomorrow is God’s, not ours.


Because I am human, I know this isn’t possible all the time in my own human efforts, but with God’s help and my eyes fixed on life in light of eternity, I can choose to live with this perspective, one day at a time. And when I slip up, I will not remain there, adopting it as my norm.  Talking through a struggle with a friend is very different than adopting a negative and regretful perspective towards our lives.  Be free my friends to embrace where God has placed you today.



About johnsonpartyof5

I am the blessed and privileged wife of Jamey, mother of 3, & pastor's wife of Lifepointe Church. My heart belongs to Jesus.

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