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Our Secret Life

“As a face is reflected in water, so the heart reflects the real person” ~Proverbs 27:19

The Bible is so alive!   It will never run out of things to say to me.  There is always a new conversation there for me.  Today, that was Proverbs 27:19.  It’s a beautiful verse, but not a well-known verse.  A conversation I had with a friend this week, sparked in me the desire to seek out what all the Bible has to say about the heart.  My first thoughts went to this wonderful, well-known verse:

“You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind.  This is the first and greatest commandment.  A second is equally important; Love your neighbor as yourself.  The entire law and all the demands of the prophets are based on these two commands!”  Matthew 22:37-40

Many of us Amen these verses, believe these verses, and maybe even quote these verses.  But have we looked closely at what it really means to apply these verses?  To live them?  Let’s look at the Word to see what more the Bible tells us about the heart and what it really means to live this out.

We all know that our physical heart is at the epicenter of our body- our most vital organ.  Without it, there is no blood flow, there is no life.  But what is our figurative heart?  It is the seat of our emotions, thoughts, intentions, personality, disposition, courage, love, and affection.  It is the central, most vital part of us in more ways than just the physical body.  Our heart is our secret life. and it is what God will one day judge.  Not our good deeds, nor our outward acts, but our heart, and what we did with HIm there.  (Romans 2:15-16) Matthew 22:40 really struck me today.  It says that all other commands are based on these 2 commands.  To me that says, if we are following these 2 commands, we will be led toward following all of the other  commands God has given to us. I looked up what God had to say about what we are to do with all of our heart, and this is what I found: (I know there is more, but this is a work in progress).

-love (Deuteronomy 6:5)

-worship (I Samuel 12:20) –

give  (1 Chronicles 29:9)

-serve (Deuteronomy 10:12)

-obey His commands and decrees (Joshua 22:5)

-praise (Psalm 103:1, 108:1)

-seek (I Chronicles 22:19)

-meditate (Psalm 19:14)

-thank (Psalm 111:1)

-search for Him (Psalm 119:2)

-believe (Romans 10, 9-10)

-do His will (Ephesians 6:6)

-decide (2 Corinthians 9:7)

-demonstrate right from wrong (Romans 2:15-16)

Wow!  Other verses tell us that God examines our hearts and that He rejoices when He finds integrity there.  (1 Chronicles 29:17) Deuteronomy 6:5 calls us to a whole hearted committment to love God with all our heart, soul, and strength.  He tells us to remind ourselves and to:

-repeat it to our children

-talk about it at home

-on the road

-going to bed

-getting up

-tie it to our hands and wear it on our foreheads

– and for further reminder, to write it on the doorposts of our house & gates!

God  really wanted us to GET this!  And the cool thing is, HE GETS US!  That’s why He knows we need reminders- and tells us what to do to remind ourselves!

“The Lord looks down from heaven and sees the whole human race.  From His throne He observes all who live on the earth.  He made their hearts, so He understands everything they do.”  Psalm 33:13-15

 I also found in the Bible all of the ugly things that can happen to our heart and trip us up.  Things we already know and most have experienced, that are not overlooked by God.  Our hearts can be broken (Psalm 42:4),  hardened (Matthew 13:15) , sick (Proverbs 13:12), lost (Job 4:5)  or sad (Psalm 42:5).  But I know from experience that God can repair and make new even the most shattered of hearts, if we’ll let HIm.  No wonder He tells us to guard it ;
“Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life”.  Proverbs 4:23
We aren’t on our own to take care of our hearts and keep them right.  God reveals the ugliness so it can be removed.  We just need to keep our hearts open to Him and seek Him, even when we don’t feel like- ESPECIALLY when we don’t feel like it.  David made a lot of mistakes,  BIG mistakes, but He pursued God and desired Him in His heart- and was ultimately called a “man after my own heart”.  God can give us a heart that is peaceful, understanding, glad, and that burns with His Word (Jeremiah 20:9).  He creates in us a new heart.  So why not give it to Him- it’s what He really wants- our repentant hearts- Psalm 51:17.
“Turn to me now while there is still time.  Give me your hearts. ”  Joel 2:12
I read some parenting advice yesterday that said instead of saying to our kids “I’m proud of you”, we should say “you should be proud of yourself!”  The thought behind it was that it would teach them to make good decisions when no one is around to praise them, teaching them to make decisions out of integrity.   What a beautiful thought for us as well- to make decisions in our hearts that we can be proud of, because it is right, not because someone will know. In our hearts we believe and  and we decide.  This inspires me to look more carefully at my heart, my secret life and let God always do His work there.  Thankfully, He can do what we cannot:
“Create in me a clean heart and renew a loyal spirit in me.” Psalm 51:10
This is a lot to take in, but as you can see, God has much to say on the subject of the heart.  Perhaps this should be a book and not a blog:)  I close with this prayer for you and for me:
“I pray that our hearts will be flooded with light so that we can understand the confident hope He has given to those He called–His Holy people who are His rich and glorious inheritance.  I also pray that we will understand the incredible greatness of God’s power for us who believe Him.  This is the same mighty power that raised Christ from the dead and seated Him in the place of honor at God’s right hand in the heavenly realms.”
 Ephesians 1:18-20
May our hearts reflect HIS, and that be the real person we are.  And thanks to my friend, Toni, who inspired this research and post!

About johnsonpartyof5

I am the blessed and privileged wife of Jamey, mother of 3, & pastor's wife of Lifepointe Church. My heart belongs to Jesus.

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  1. Awesome Baby! Of all the people I know, you have the most beautiful heart of all. I see it in your sincerity and honesty. I see it in your transparent life. I see it most of all in our kids. They each have inherited a piece of your heart qualities that helps make your life so powerful.
    Love u-


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