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Over the past week I have been reading the book “Unleash” by Perry Noble.  My husband has been to a couple of conferences at Perry’s church in Anderson, SC (Newspring Church), and he introduced me to his podcasts. …Awesome!  He is a church planter and I think he might be my husband’s long lost twin!

“Unleash” is about overcoming the barriers that keep us from living a life that is full and abundant….the sort of life we want to live, but for one reason or another, we are held back, living a life that is filled with complacency, predictability, and mundane.  My favorite kind of reading is the kind that entertains and teaches me simultaneously and Perry’s book most definitely does that!  There are parts where I laughed so hard and had to go tell my husband the story immediately, and he also cracked up. There are other parts that resonated so deeply with me that I teared up.   I am not going to tell you those stories, b/c I don’t want to give away too much, but I am going to tell you some of my favorite lines and parts of “Unleash”

So you can follow along more clearly, I will place the text from the book in green letters.  My words will remain in black.

*”Paul went on to accomplish amazing things for God–including writing most of the books of the New Testament–and it all began when Jesus met him exactly where he was.  Paul responded by asking the question all of us should ask: “Who are you, Lord?”  That is essential, because we will never do what He wants us to do until we understand who He is.”  

I have found this to be true in my own life.  After my brother died of cancer despite our desperate and fervent belief and prayers for an earthly healing, this is the very question I asked myself.  More than “why God?”  I asked “Who are you really?”  Discovering Who He is over that next year (and still today), is what heals my broken heart and strengthens the faith the enemy tries to steal.

*”All of us face situations that tempt us to lose heart.  But we don’t have to give up!…..Anyone who has ever accomplished anything great in life has had to endure a significant amount of pain in order to get to where God wants them to be.  

Lots of things can make us feel tempted to give up; pain, abuse, illness, job loss, death, relational turmoil, financial distress, straying children; you fill in the blank……I know I have been tempted to give up at times.  I have thought “let’s just walk away…get a job with less pressure, one where you can clock in and out and put it in a nice neat little shift.  But you know what?  That would not be satisfying and it would kill me inside to take the easy way out!  Don’t give up, God never gives up on us!

*Disobedience:  “If you’re a parent, let’s say you walk into your house and ask your child to clean his room and instead he simply looks at you and gives you the {middle} finger.  No good parent would tolerate that type of behavior….You may not realize it, but this is what we do sometimes in our relationship with God.  When God has clearly spoken to us about our next step and we tell Him no, we’re essentially extending our middle finger toward heaven.”  

OUCH!  It is funny, but also painful to look at it this way!  How many times have I done this?  Oh I am thankful for a grace giving God.  I don’t want my own disobedience to keep me from a life unleashed!

*We Can’t Do Life Alone: ” I’ve never met anyone who told me, “Hey, Perry, I really want to go further and further away from God and backslide in my walk with Him.  I hope to make a really bad decision followed by a  series of more bad decision that eventually lead to sorrow, pain and regret.”  Even so, I’ve seen it happen many times. As human beings, our tendency is to drift away from Christ rather than to walk more closely with Him.  If we’re not intentional about seeking out the help of others, that’s precisely what’s going to happen.”

This is truth folks!  When I went through my brother’s illness and death, it was the body of Christ who rallied around me and my family.  The church family in which I grew up encircled my brother and family with prayer, support, and love that truly showed the beauty of Christ.  These pictures show that they did so literally as they prayed around Jamie’s house as he lay sick inside on a cold, drizzling day in January 2009.  It’s a day I will never forget.

And when I had to leave my family and come back to my home and responsibilities in Kentucky after Jamie’s death, it was my dear group of friends in my church who sat with me, cried with me, loved on me, took me out for some laughs, and listened to my never-ending list of emotions and questions.

That’s the beautiful bride of Christ in action.  “Churches aren’t perfect because they are filled with imperfect people.” I’m glad they aren’t perfect, b/c neither am I. I don’t know where I’d be without them.

*Procrastination: “When you know what God wants for your life, go for it!  Don’t hesitate! Don’t put it off until you’re older or wiser or have more resources.”

This one hit me square between the eyes.  I have a book in my heart.  It has been simmering there since August 2010.  I have started, it , stopped, and started over about 5,000 times.   Perry hit my excuse dead on- I was seriously thinking I should wait until I am older and wiser.  But, I’m not promised another day, much less that I’ll get any wiser-haha!!  Time to Unleash!

If you are a Christ follower, I recommend this book to you, no matter how far into your journey you are.  We all face situations and barriers that keep us from following Christ fully and this book encourages and equips us along the way.

I also recommend this book if you are not a Christ follower.  You also face situations that keep you from God.  We have more in common than you think.  Perry doesn’t speak from an ivory tower that prohibits him from seeing and understanding where people really live.  He has been through so many things in his own life which he shares candidly and bravely.  Take a chance on investigating Who Jesus really is and what He really wants for your life.  He meets us where we are!

And look forward to hearing some hilarious stories on the way.  Don’t miss out on hearing about:

– Perry’s 6th grade gym class disaster-HYSTERICAL

-snow snakes

-the grocery store lady

-and the little old lady and the treadmill:) ALSO HYSTERICAL

For more information or to order, click “here”. or go to or Barnes & Noble.

“It is impossible to follow Christ and stay the same”

“There is a big difference between attending church and following God”.

“Our first step away from God is usually our first step away from the people of God”.


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I am the blessed and privileged wife of Jamey, mother of 3, & pastor's wife of Lifepointe Church. My heart belongs to Jesus.

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