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The story of Dr. G- one of God’s lights in a dark world

We have seen so much darkness take place over the past several weeks.  Darkness that is so thick and cold it just chills you right to the bone.

But today, I want to introduce you to someone who is a light to those around him.  He is a beloved doctor in my city because he is not only great at what he does, but he takes such time and care with each patient who comes to him.  Two of those patients are my kids.

My 7 year old son has had a tough year.  We have been down several roads as we have tried to figure out what is causing some attention and mild sensory integration issues that mainly affect the  completing of school work….work that he is very capable of doing, but just can’t seem to consistently stay focused on.

On the flip side, part of Max’s heightened senses- there is a gift and it involves music.  He can hear 10 decibals better than the average person, and he has a natural inclination towards instruments that he considers wonderful or rhythmic.  Starting at the age of 2, he would pull items from the pantry and cupboards to create drum sets.  I’m not just talking about banging on some pans–I mean putting certain items together to create particular sounds.  He would also strum anything he could- whether it be the vents in the house, the refrigerator grate or an actual guitar.  He will tell you what instruments he loves and which one he doesn’t based not on how cool they are, but what sound they make.  He tells me the cello makes a sound that is “wonderful to his ears”.  He tell me the oboe makes his ears want to die…..(sorry oboe players, I guess everyone has their own taste:) He can’t wait until he is in the 5th grade so he can play the tenor saxophone and in 10th he wants to play the bassoon.  But right now, he is all about the drums….and it was number one on his Christmas list.

Last week we went to see Dr. G. for Max to be allergy tested.  It was not a fun trip for Max since he is allergic to almost everything they tested for (over 40 things).


BUT, Dr. G. made it fun.  Dr. G also happens to be a professional drummer.  We found this out when he asked Max what he wanted for Christmas and he told him a drum set.

That appointment was on Thursday.  On Sunday, everyone in our family received a little gift from someone at church….except Max.  He asked me “mommy, why did everyone in the family get a present today except me?”  He wasn’t upset so much about the present, but that he didn’t feel special. It broke my heart that he felt hurt.

Fast forward to first thing Monday morning when I got a phone call from Dr. G. saying “can you come by the office today? I have something I’d like to give Max”.  I said sure, I can do that (thinking he was going to tell me about an allergy sample or a new inhaler to try out).  Next he tells me “I have a vintage snare drum in my collection and I want Max to have it”.  Oh. my. word.  I was brought to tears by the timing and thoughtfulness of this WONDERFUL gift. And literally RIGHT after he got off the phone with him, I was on my front porch and found this note, folded up tiny on the windowsill:


You should also know that Dr. G. has an artificial heart right now.  He has been on the list for a heart transplant for a while now, and they have just upgraded him to high priority.  So my kids and I have been praying for him to receive his new heart soon.

I am so thankful that God knows just when something is needed and that there are still people like Dr. G in this world who are lights to those around him……no matter what they are going through themselves!  I am blessed, honored, and eternally thankful.  He may not have known why God had prompted him to do this kind act, but we do.  The gift is wonderful, and Max is very proud of it, taking care of it, and enjoying it ALL the time, but more importantly, he made a 7 year old boy who has had a tough year and wasn’t feeling particularly special, feel EXTRA special. And his kindness also touched the hearts of our entire extended family.  And who knows what his investment in a little boy’s love of music will reap for the Kingdom in the future!

God is the source of light.  If he prompts you to do something, do it.  You never know how it might make a difference for someone….and the ripple effect goes on and on!

Thank you Dr. G for being a light to us and so many others in the community!  I am asking all of my readers to please join me in praying for the perfect heart to come to him, and that his body will receive it with great joy and without complication.  Pray also that God holds him up in body and spirit as he waits.  Pray also for his family.




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I am the blessed and privileged wife of Jamey, mother of 3, & pastor's wife of Lifepointe Church. My heart belongs to Jesus.

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  1. Crystal,
    This is AWESOME! Thank you for sharing! We will pray for Dr. G and share this story of HOPE and LIGHT!

  2. Max is a super special little boy. The best part of my night last Saturday was sitting in the kitchen listening to that sweet boy talk about music and different instruments. Oh what a future he has ahead of him and I will be honored to say I knew him when he was little. He is just precious and yes, God knows what we need and just when to send it. Thank you Dr. G for being willing to make a little boy we love feel extra special.

  3. How precious that Dr. G took it upon himself to meet the desires of your sons’ heart. And more importantly, the timing was God inspired. I have the faith to believe that God will- in his good & right timing- meet the needs of a new heart for Dr. Go.

  4. What a beautiful storie. I cried all the way through. GOD knows our every need and desire. Dr. G is a special blessing and he gave a special gift to Max, a gift that Max will never forget. I will pray for a special heart made just for Dr. G to come soon. Dr. G may have a artificial heart, but he has a big heart with lots of Love in it!

  5. Marshall B Faulkner

    Dr. G ‘s gift has blessed our entire family and by extension everyone who reads this. This was a very caring and generous act and so unexpected. God bless you Dr. G ! You may have a artificial heart but it is a good one ! May you receive your miracle soon !

  6. That is so sweet!! His note literally brought tears to my eyes. Visiting you from Leading and Loving It’s FB page 🙂


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