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SOAPing up Louisville

SOAPing up Louisville

Important Volunteer Opportunity

I am happy to announce that Lifepointe Church will be partnering with Theresa Flores’ SOAP Campaign. Theresa is a human trafficking survivor who started the SOAP campaign as a way to rescue under age girls who have been forced into sex slavery. When large events take place in a city, the demand for “sex for sale” goes up, so young girls are filtered into cities during these events where they are forced into unthinkable acts of sex and abuse by traffickers who are making large amounts of money off of their horrific life. It is the 2nd largest organized crime, affecting 27 million people, second only to drugs. So what can we do to STAND UP and make a statement that we will not sit idle while this darkness happens in our city? We can do something to SAVE these girls, who have been abducted, deceived, threatened, and abused- The average age is 14. YOU can be their lifeline. Christ came to set us free- and we can use our freedom to turn around and set someone else free! “He has sent me to proclaim that captives will be released, that the blind will see, that the oppressed will be set free!’ Luke 4:18

So, we are SOAPing up Louisville on Saturday, March 16 in preparation for the 2013 Mid America Truck Show. We will participate in a brief training session about human trafficking and how to identify potential victims (Theresa’s family had no idea she was being trafficked as a high school student!) We will then label bars of soap with the trafficking hotline number. (The bathroom is the ONLY place a victim may have privacy). We will then go out in teams to Louisville motels to ask them to place the bars of soap in their bathrooms and disperse missing children flyers to them.

Volunteers do not need to be members of Lifepointe Church. ANYONE can stand up! Registration is free, but volunteers are asked to purchase a t-shirt. Middle schoolers and up are able to participate in the training, lunch, and soap preparation, but you must be 18+ to disperse to area motels.

The Lifepointe Volunteer team will meet in the Spalding University Ballroom at 9:30 am.


For more information and to register, click here:

Other resources:


Lifepointe men, women, teenagers, let’s make some noise in Louisville on March 16th!





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  1. How sorrowful that such a horrendous thing takes place in the life of anyone let alone teenagers who range in the age of 14.


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